Course 3 Final Project – Personal Infographic

To be honest, this was probably the first time I’ve gotten really excited about creating a final project. Choosing the infographic option for my final project was a decision I had made in Week 1. My husband and I are moving on from our current positions at the end of this school year, and creating an infographic of my resume would show more of my creative side, which will hopefully be an attractive quality to future employers. I have been in awe of infographics for two reasons:

1) When done right, they portray a clear and memorable message, by using information creatively

2) I had never actually created one and I was ready to get crackin!

I naively thought that it would be easy to create an infographic of my resume – just plug my information into one of those lovely Picktochart templates and….done! The reality was much different.

As I scrolled through the templates, nothing really “spoke” to me. So I had a look around at other COETAILers About Me pages to get some inspiration. Wow! It’s amazing how diverse this learning community truly is. These three infographics from Randi @randiwilkinson, Rob @rlanglands and Angela @angelas helped me get started designing my own.

Sketchnoting came in handy again, as I tried to create an “unplugged” version of infographic on paper before attempting to create the online version. After much time and continual “tweeking” (I feel like every time I look at it I find something else I want to change), I give you…my infographic.

I’ve realized that a lot of the time consumption comes from trying to design something with CARP and Zen qualities in mind. How could I present my information in visual, eye-appealing way? I’d be happy to hear any opinions and suggestions.

Throughout this course, I’ve learned that while designing with Zen in mind may take time, the quality of the end product is much richer and more meaningful for the consumer. Also, Zen principles can be applied to so many different formats – presentations, videos, infographics, digital stories – all of these are quickly becoming regular parts of learning in the 21st Century. Knowing and having the chance to practice creating projects in these various formats, using a visually literate eye, has been a skill that I will continue to practice and improve upon.

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  1. It’s so exciting to see so many Coetailers in our cohort putting this particular course to work as they hit the job search trail. It’s so refreshing to see you go for something this bold and different. I’ve recently hired two new employees to work on my team and you wouldn’t believe the spectrum of quality that comes across my desk.

    And just to offer a couple of pieces of feedback/questions to ponder:

    – Consider areas of text such as your B/S degree – could you play with the text slightly to differentiate between information and give hierarchy? For example could your university be italicized?

    – Could the “Connect” graphic be centered more under “Skills”. It’s slightly to the right.

    – Maybe move your name plate slightly to the right so that the negative space around it is equal?

    All in all it’s looking great. I especially love the little graphic of your family. What a nice touch!

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